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Guarantee The Perfect Wedding, Despite The Weather

Every soon-to-be-married couple wants their wedding day to be perfect. But the truth is that some variables are simply out of your control. You can choose the venue, the wedding planner, the photographer, the caterer and more. You can even choose the season in which you get married. But there’s no way to guarantee how the skies will behave on your special day.

If you’re planning a wedding in Northampton, you don’t have to resign yourself to suffering through the whims of the weather. Here are some tips for making the most of the weather from the events experts at Wings Events:

1. Have a Back-Up Plan

This is the number-one rule of arranging a weather-proof wedding. If any portion of your celebration is scheduled to take place outside (or could otherwise be affected by inclement weather), you’ll be glad you have a back-up in place should bad weather strike.

In addition to having a contingency plan, it’s also helpful to include ‘rain cards’ with your invitations. These ensure that every guest who has been invited also knows what the alternative plan is. Finally, as long as your wedding isn’t too large of an affair, you might consider setting up a team that you can notify in case plans change. That team can then relay the new plans to those they’re responsible for notifying.

2. Work Some Extra Time into the Schedule

This is a good idea regardless of weather conditions. Working some extra time into your wedding-day schedule ensures that you’ll be able to keep up as unexpected complications arise. And in the event that severe weather creates dangerous driving conditions, your guests will also be able to drive safely (and slowly) from the ceremony to the reception.

3. Equip Your Guests for the Weather

This is particularly important if you’ll be exchanging vows outdoors. Stock up on extra umbrellas and place them around the guest area so that those who didn’t bring one of their own can still stay dry. You could also go beyond umbrellas and invest in a few extra pairs of wellies of various sizes.

4. Select a Venue with Indoor and Outdoor Space

Selecting a wedding venue with viable indoor and outdoor space is a great way to ensure that you’re ready for whatever the weather throws at you. If an unexpected rainstorm forces everyone inside, you can easily salvage the ceremony with an adjoining indoor space.

Just make sure that the indoor component of your wedding venue is still a place you would like to conduct the ceremony in. You don’t want to find yourself surrendering to a cramped indoor space because it is your only option. Instead, make this a vetting point in the venues you consider early in the planning process.

5. Hire a Photographer with Rainy-Day Experience

Some photographers are better at coping with less-than-ideal weather than others. When you’re shopping around for wedding photographers, have a look at their portfolio for examples of past work they’ve done in inclement weather.

If you’re planning a wedding in Northampton, the team of marquee erectors at Wings Events can assist. Contact us to learn more.

Tony and Laura – Their Magical Day!

The Engagement On A Mountain Top:
In the spring of 2013 Tony and Laura went travelling around the world together. They had just got to the top of a mountain in Bolivia after a 3 day trek and a bad snow storm had set in. They had walked through the night, and said it was 1000 times worse than any other situation they have ever been in! When they got to the top of the mountain Tony decided this was it and popped the question to Laura who of course said yes! This sounds so romantic until Laura and Tony told me the reality was actually that they were cold, wet, and their eyebrows, hair and snot had frozen! However it was a huge day in their lives and a big achievement climbing 6018m. So you can safely say that although they may not have looked the part for their engagement it will certainly be a day they will never forget!

The Planning:
The wedding planning began and from the start the couple knew they wanted a marquee because they wanted to be able to completely personalise it and not have restrictions on the party. Tony is from the village of Brigstock and had seen Lyveden New Bield and knew it was a beautiful setting. Then they researched marquee companies and chose Wings. Tony said the initial meeting with Ben and Simon was really good and installed confidence. Laura and Tony talked to Ben and Simon about what they would like and that the style they were aiming for, which was a rustic country wedding. Ben and Simon were confident they could bring the vision Tony and Laura had for their wedding to a reality.

Since the initial meeting Wings have kept in touch with Tony and Laura and now the day is approaching the couple are looking forward to taking their vows in church and celebrating in style with their friends and family!

The Marquee:
As for the marquee itself, Lyveden is a beautiful site and with this needs a beautiful marquee, so for the front they had a 3m x 3m Oriental style peaked to marquee with linings leading to a full glass set of double doors.

And this lead into the main marquee which was a 12m x 27m clear span white framed marquee with Max clear windows most of the way round to make the most of the view. With full ivory linings and pea lighting with chandeliers.

Within the marquee they had a full wood floor with a brand new carpet (champagne)
As for furniture they hired in some of their own trestle tables from a bespoke table company and we provided the chairs and put rattan garden furniture in the grounds for guests to sit when outside.

They also had a 6m x 6m pearl black dance floor with a full starlight ceiling above them to make to look complete, next to the dance floor they had a cream wooden bar with a full wood worktop.

We also provided them with the bits to keep everything going, a 6m x 9m catering marquee with wooden flooring lighting and trestles for the caterers. Along with a generator to keep the party in full swing and a set of luxury toilet units too.
The day and the round up!

Tony and Laura had an amazing wedding day. The following statements are in the words of the bride and groom themselves!

“We both felt it was by far the best day of our lives; everything went better than we could have ever imagined. We felt very happy that all of the hard work and thought that had gone into our day had been worth it and we were happy that everyone had a great time celebrating with us.

Everything was of a really high quality especially the renovated bar. The chairs fitted our theme perfectly and the rattan furniture was very comfortable. There was a large variety of choices when designing the marquee including open windows, chandeliers, pea lighting and the blackout dance floor. We were able to have a lot of input in the decision making process. We were very happy with how Wings set up on the days leading to our Wedding day. They were very flexible and were able to set it up a day early for us to give us the time we needed to decorate.
We would highly recommend Wings to anyone looking to rent a Marquee. Ben, Simon and the rest of the team were incredibly professional and approachable.”

Wings Events loved working with Tony and Laura to make sure their day was special and one to remember. Tony has since been in touch to thank us with a card and let us know they are now busy planning a honeymoon to South Africa next year!

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